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The complete guide to mastering your divine connection to your divine higher soul.

When you know that you are ready to align with your inner voice, which is your inner guide, then you should also know what to do when you have aligned and cant hear your inner voice. Often times we do not fully understand the voices in our head and what it means. This book shows you the flow of the divine within and what it is used for, it also shows you the best way to keep yourself aligned with your highest divine plan of God. A special divine soul blueprint was created since the spark creation of your soul and this is who you truly are and need to align with in this lifetime. This book also shows you secret codes and methods used by the ascended team of Angels and ascended masters that make your journey absolutely easy and fun.

We are talking about pages and pages of facts straight from divine source brought to you by an ascended Deva of the 7th ray, the violet ray of love and transformation. Her work on earth is tremendous as she aligns with her divine twin ray and the divine team to bring you a plethora of wisdom and knowledge to activate your inner divine and join her as she leads all souls that she can into the ascension process with ease, grace and flow.

She has created many books for you to get your divine understanding of the ascension process, this is just one of the beautiful writings that you must keep with you at all times. A book that is created with the language of light and the love and gentle rhythm of a divine Goddess who is fully aligned with her divine partner and doing tremendous transformation on the earth within large crowds, communities, countries and a global impact as she masters all her divine plans of transformation on planet Earth Mother Gaia.

There is no challenge too big for her as she works on a cosmic level with her divine twin ray in perfect harmony they are the ascended twin rays of the 7th ray who are here to assist the planet in the ascension process, one soul at a time. This journey is an individual process and we are here to guide each person one at a time as we utilize our tools as ascended masters on earth to fulfill your divine plan and divine soul blueprint while guiding you to your success and divine alignment. Use this book as a reference guide whenever you feel lost and misguided and when you open to any page in this book it will bring you back to your light for this book is written with language of light and spirit of God, the 7th ray of Earth’s central sun.

I wrote this book for all of those struggling everyday to master the divine connection within. I wrote this book so everyone could find out the basic ways to master everything that they thought and knew was possible but could never find their way. This book along with my other books are beautifully written pieces that I write with the language of light, as I ascended to become who I truly am authentically and found out that I am a scribe writer and my divine soul blueprint is to provide knowledge and wisdom through my writing that I receive straight from divine source, the 7th ray of the Earth’s central sun to be exact. I am the Deva of the 7th Ray and I am fully aligned with my divine ascended twin ray here on earth. We work together on a cosmic level to assist everyone in this world align with the divine within. This is our divine role as the divine ascended twin rays who are here on earth only to deliver this knowledge. We hope you find these books fascinating as you master everything that is within your heart and soul. We are ascended masters and we are here to deliver all the pertinent information needed for a successful ascension process.
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